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Youthful skin, especially of the female weapons in the fight against age. VitalDermax Intensive cream against wrinkles, the elimination of the cause. Complete cessation of the aging process in 28 days! Already now cream you get in Italy on the official Website, to the goods a discount of 50%. The cost of the cream - only € 49.

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Doctor's recommendations

Dr. Skin doctor Francesco Dr. Francesco
Skin doctor
10 years
I often women, get rid of the want the existing wrinkles and prevent their formation. If the skin throughout life do not receive adequate humidification and UV-radiation has been laid, is the development of wrinkles is inevitable. VitalDermax Intensive - cream in Italy, the fixes really age-related changes. Moisturizing, protection against UVA/UVB-protection, Stimulation of the collagen - cream-works instantly in all directions. 99% of women achieve the desired result and eliminate age-related changes. I recommend the use of the cream VitalDermax.

Aging is an inevitable physiological process, which causes changes in all organs and systems. The human skin is no exception, it is faster only visible traces of aging. Women are trying by all means to improve skin's appearance and the use on a daily basis make-up. Skin care can slow the aging process of the skin, especially know how to do it.

Causes of skin aging

Every woman wants to have the health and beauty of your skin in the long years. Unfortunately, the youthfulness of the skin is quickly. Already at the age of 30 years, the production of collagen component responsible for the elasticity of our skin decreases, leading to the formation of wrinkles.
Characteristics of the appearance of wrinkles in women
The 1. Step 2. Stage 3-th level 4. Step
Superficial Mimic Depth Age-related
Appear up to the age of 25 years, almost imperceptibly, other Visible lines, the later in the deep wrinkles Striking folds, which do not hide with the help of the fence Disturbed oval face, skin wrinkles appear
Reason: - bad environment, lack of sleep, bad habits Appear, because of the lower elasticity of the skin, inadequate humidification Their formation is due to hormonal changes Procedures in connection with the abrasion of bones, changes in the work of the muscles occur deep

First of all, we have it with wrinkles in the corners of the lips and eyes, but with time, the wrinkles will be more and more and you can't hide under make-up.

How do you stop the skin aging with the help of VitalDermax

Already at the age of 30 years, the production of collagen is reduced, resulting in the appearance of wrinkles

The skin begins to lose their attractive appearance if the main Protein of skin – collagen, are no longer produced in sufficient quantity. An important role is also played by the percentage of moisture content in the skin plays. Repair the production of collagen and saturate the skin with moisture – that is, to prevent what helps the aging process of the skin.

The cosmetics market is full of different creams that promise to moisturize the skin and provide you with nutrients for the maintenance of the youth. Many of the products are really effective such as Anti-wrinkle cream VitalDermax - Intensive. It is a medium that is able to eliminate existing wrinkles and prevent the formation of new. The results of the application of the cream does not have to wait long, and the regular use of the product provides lasting results.

The effect of the cream VitalDermax

The manufacturer offers sun protection products VitalDermax first and foremost, those with dry or very dry skin type. There is the Problem of the wrinkle in this case is shows especially. The slow production of collagen accompanied by dryness of the skin, and it is prone to cracking.
The use of the cream guarantees such results, such as:

After 2 weeks of regular application of the cream, the number of deep wrinkles cut in half, and disappearance of small wrinkles. When using the cream, the skin with adequate nutrition and fluid gets feed, she is healthy, beautiful and radiant.

How does VitalDermax
The result of the use of the cream VitalDermax is visible already after 15 minutes

The cream consists of natural ingredients, its base is made up of collagen and hyaluronic acid. High-quality collagen in the Form of a cream very well into the skin, and the hyaluronic acid replenishes the skin with moisture. The result of the use of the cream is visible minutes after 15. The cream regenerates the skin in three steps:

The effect of the cream is pronounced, and is visible to others. As a result of the use of the cream, the skin regains its youthful appearance and natural color.

Anti-Wrinkle Cream VitalDermax now you can buy it on the official Website on the territory of the country of Italy. The product is a 50% discount, you can buy it for the price of € 49 and find out the cost in another country. The plot of the action is limited. Hurry up!

What is in the cream

The cream absorbs the most powerful components to combat aging of the skin. Excellent results of the application allows for a unique combination of content of the cream fabrics.

Complex effect of the components of the cream reflects the internal and external processes, the processes of recovery and Regeneration, strengthens the skin's resistance against external influences. Vitamins and minerals, which help as a part of the components, significantly the appearance of the skin improve.
Hyaluronic acid, which in VitalDermax, fills the skin with moisture

In the Composition Tools include:

The composition of the cream VitalDermax contains only high quality natural ingredients that are to eliminate skin irritation and allergic reactions.

The Results Of The Test Cream

Clinical trials of the drug had a global scale – in the Experiment, 10,000 women participated. In the medium demonstrated a high level of efficiency, which involved women, which achieved in the Experiment, the following results:

Cream, lead guitarist and was the number one for many women in Europe, America and Asia. Cream VitalDermax today, you can order in Italy, the funds sold on the official Website at a reduced price. VitalDermax – A guarantee of youth and beauty of your skin!

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